TeRA, Zagori mountain race, is a mountain race spanning 80km and with an elevation gain of +5000 m

Zagori mountain race – TeRA 80km

TeRA is a mountain race spanning 80km and with an elevation gain of +5000 m.It starts at the art station of the High School of Fine Arts in Tsepelovo.

After passing through the village, it enters a dirt road for 3km and after that on a trail. After 6.5km the participants will reach the first station of the race called “STANI”. At 9.2km the athletes will be able to see the peak “GOURA” on their right and the peak “KREVATI” on their left. On the 11th km (2320m, +1315m) there will be the second race station in the passing of “TSOUKA ROSSA”. The first athletes to reach there will have the rare opportunity to witness the sun rising from the top of the Timfi mountain complex as well as the grandeur of the Aoos gorge down below.The race continues downhill for about 4km until it reaches the toponym “KATSANOS” and hits the first stip uphill. In a distance of no more than 650m it gains 250m in height.

On the 19.5km the participants will reach the 3rd station of the race situated on the magnificent “SIADI TIS MIGAS”, a high altitude meadow where, by drinking some water, they can see the “GAMILA” peak on the southwest and the pine trees that grow on top of huge solid rocks.1.5km after “SIADI TIS MIGAS” the trail turns into a steep downhill until the 23rd km where there will be the 4th station, 3km away from the famous monastery of Stomio.From there the runners will face what is probably the most demanding part of the race. The hard uphill that leads to the passing of “DAVALISTA”.
2.5km of almost vertical uphill with a positive gain of 700m.After passing through “DAVALISTA” the race enters the renowned valley of the lakes and reaches the beginning of the hill climb that leads to “DAKOLIMLI” (dragon’s lake). There will be the 5th (and 6th) station usable before and after the climb to Drakolimni. On the “DRAKOLIMNI” there will be a checkpoint. The trail afterwards goes up for 1km, to reach the climbing refuge of ASTRAKA where there will be the 7th station. After the refuge, the participants will face a long (6.5km) downhill until they reach the villages of MIKRO PAPIGGO and MEGALO PAPIGGO. At the second village there will be the central station of the race where the athletes can pick up their DROP BAG (provided, they left one with the organizers upon picking their Bibs).
There will also be a time limit of 10 hours from the beginning. Anyone who fails to reach that checkpoint under 10 hours will be eliminated and will be transported from Papiggo to Tsepelovo by car. After MEGALO PAPIGGO the trail falls into the VIKOS GORGE and reaches the springs of VOIDOMATIS river (the cleanest river in Europe). After 54.5km from the start the athletes will reach the 8th station on “KLIMA” and will head towards the “ladder” of MONODENDRI, a steep and curvy uphill (1.5km +300m) that will lead to the village of Monodendri and the 9th station.

After the village of Monodendri, the participants will find the villages of VITSA (10th station) and DILOFO (11th station) and pass over the stone bridges KAPETAN ARKOUDI and KALOGERIKO. KIPOI (70km from the start) is the next village in line (12th station) and the mark of the last difficult uphill of the race. It passes outside the village of KAPESSOVO (13th station) and reaches the toponym LOUTSA on the 78th km on the top of the climb. From there, there are only 2km left for the tired but happy participants to reach their goal, right where it all began. On the Art Station of the High School Of Fine Arts in Tsepelovo.


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