The Zagori region of Greece, an UNESCO protected Geopark

THE ZAGORI region of Greece has only very recently become a hot “alternative” tourist destination — in part since it became a UNESCO protected geopark in 2010.

The Zagori highlands, located within the Pindus mountain range in the larger Greek region of Epirus, are for the most part abandoned, shockingly steep, infertile lands. As is the case with most of Greece, the Zagori’s beauty stems from its karst landscape; that is to say, a limestone landscape which has been eroded by groundwater.
These karstic landscapes sculpt some of the most beautiful places on earth. Blessed with crystal-clear, turquoise waters thanks to reflective limestone sands underwater, endless underground rivers slowly form haunting caves that often entrap all sorts of potentially long-isolated species, lit by lone shafts of light which penetrate once a roof finally caves in…

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