Greek impression

Whoever thinks of Greece, usually imagines the islands with their blue and white houses, or maybe thinks about the big cities such as Athens or Thessaloniki, but the land actually has a  very varied landscape and has several natural parks. Unfortunately, it is less known that geotourism is possible in Greece. That’s why Georgia Kanellopoulou, who has settled herself as a guide in the Zagoria region in Greece, wants to share her knowledge  about nature and the landscape with any nature lover through her website . Her love for nature emerged during her studies Environmental and Mineral Resources Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. After a visit at Zagori she fell in love with the landscape and decided it was impossible for her to spend her life in the city. She organises trekking in the natural park Vikos-Aoos such as a trekking to the Dragon lake, a walk through the Vikos canyon, a walk through the old villages with their typical stone bridges and other trekking. Those who want to learn more can contact her at her website.

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