Bistiries and Ovires in Zagori. Geo tourism in Greece

Bistiries and Ovires

Kolibithres or Ovires (greek=Οβίρες) are natural swimming pools! They are traced on the thin-horizontal layers of limestone constitutes exquisite forms of erosion on Rogovo’s stream bed.

Bistiries is a system of rock shelters that were formed due to the differentiation of limestone in the vertical erosion of the river. Limestone is colored by impurities like iron oxide that makes it red, brown or yellow, while carbon makes it gray, black or blue.

Bistries and Ovires in Vikos - Aoos Geopark. Bistries and Ovires or Kolibithres are natural swimming pools, exquisite and renowned forms of erosion on the bed of Rogovo stream, which have been traced on the horizontal layers of the thin bedded limestones. Bistries is a system of rock shelters that were formed at the recesses of the limestones and the cohesive side scree

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