The flora, wildflowers and herbs, of Zagori comprise 1/3 of Greece’s plants (about 1700 species) that decorate the alpine meadows, rocks, forests and streams

Wildflowers and herbs of Zagori

In Zagori one encounters a great number (1700 species, 1/3 of Greece’s plants) of flora, that fill alpine meadows, rocks, forests and streams with their aromas, colors and beauty. They choose wisely and with impressive specificity the places they grow and their flowering time. Even crevices are adorned with wild flowers like Saxifraga spruneri and Semprevivum marmoreum. Ramonda serbica is the wildflower of gorges and rare orchids can be found here, due to special geo-morphological features. More than 250 species of herbs with therapeutic properties contribute to the floristic value of the area (Salvia officinalis, Sideritis raeseri, Mentha longifolia).

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